Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you are a 'real person' at least 14 years old, you can register. (see also Policy, About Spiders).

No, any points you earn are yours only, they cannot be transferred to another Spider (see also Policy, About spiderPoints)

No, spiderPoints have no expiry date, for as long as you remain a member of (see also Policy, About spiderPoints)

We aim to offer our Spiders enough surveys to make it worthwhile, and of enough variety to make it interesting. However, it is not us (spidermetrix) who create the surveys - our Clients do that. And, if our clients do not have any surveys -> then we do not have any surveys -> then you do not get any surveys.

Always. We will never insist that you perform a survey - the choice will always be yours. (see also Policy, About surveys)

Absolutely, categorically, NO. We have a very strict Privacy Policy, and we guarantee no Spider details will ever be made public. (see also Policy, About Privacy)

All claims will be paid on the first week of the month following when the claim was made. For example if you made your claim in May, you will be paid during the first week of June. (see also Policy, About Claiming Rewards)

Unfortunately, no. Once a claim is made, we cannot refund or exchange. Please choose carefully. (see also Policy, About Claiming Rewards)

There is no restriction on how long you take. In most cases a survey is designed to take about 15-20 minutes of your time, but if it takes you more or less than that, it's ok.

Shouldn't be the case. However, if it does happen please email our support staff.

Yes. We aim to provide a variety of Rewards, from a variety of sources. The vouchers and Cash Rewards will always be there, whereas the Gifts will change from time to time.

You will get 1 spiderPoint for each FULL survey your Referred Spiders perform (for as long as you remain a Spider yourself). Just make sure you tell them to enter your Spider Name when they register. Please note that you will not get any points when they only do Quickies and small surveys - those that take less than 20 minutes. (see also Policy, About Referrals)

If you know this to be the case, email our support staff, and we'll aim to fix it up.

The points you earn via your Referrals will show up in your account.

No, there are no minimum or maximum surveys that you will have to do. Some restrictions do apply however, like you must login to your account at least once every 6 months. (see Policy, About Our Rights)

Exchange Rates vary from time to time. The exact exchange rate will be calculated on the day of making a claim, based on exchange rates as published at

There are 48 different quickies that open each Friday (except the Christmas holidays). They are the same quickies every year only the code number changes to represent the Year.

For example, Quickie number 13601 about URLs and Names (published in 2013) is exactly the same Quickie as 12601 (published in 2012) same as 11601 (published in 2011 as so on).

You can only do each one ONCE! So, if you completed 12601, you will not be able to do 13601. Please check your account to see when you have completed each Quickie.