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Dear Spider, Thank you for your kind words...

Some spiders go out of their way to show their love and appreciation for what SpiderMetrix.com is.


Spider... Name... Country... Joined... Said...
Tracey Australia 2019
I think the idea of being called a spider is a fun concept even though I don't like the real ones at all!
NINA Greece 2018
Being able to donate to charity is also a very good option. It seems there are not very many available surveys for Greece. I am pleased with the bonus point system also.
Shana USA 2014
I belong to a few other sites but none like this one. This one is AWESOME!!! I am so glad that I come across it. I look forward to taking so many more surveys and making my way up on the WEB (hehe). Thanks so much. 
Nurnaimah Malaysia 2022
this website turns your emotion to a "calm mode" and thus it is rather enjoyful to fill and read the surveys
Kellie Australia 2016
This site appears to be one of the best I have seen in rewarding time spent for opinions. Also the availability of cash rewards seems to be rare. So thanks & I look forward being able to share this news with my friends.
Roberto Italy 2020
Well this site is among the most user friendly site ever. Everything is just right. (you could raise the points...)
Mike UK 2013
After I stopped cry-laughing about the "dozen naked models", I realized that Spider Metrix was a really down-to-earth survey site with nothing but the best intentions for its clients. Thank you folks very much!
Janice Philippines 2017
just the thought of being one of the spiders here... well that gives me some funny feeling and want to come back again and again.. more power spidermetrix :)
Sundahl South Africa 2021
Just joined the site and it is my 3rd official online paid survey subscription, so far its the best one - cant wait to start my surveys
Dannon India 2020
I found SpiderMetrix different from other paid survey sites, in that SpiderMetrix tries to connect to the user and make it a more fun experience.
Mark Singapore 2021
SpiderMetix is one hellah of a site! Fast, reliable, give good image of their site and esy to use, their rewards are unique, because they give you the chance to pick which reward you want with your points.
Alan Canada 2019
While the site itself is fairly blandly presented, questions are presented in a humorous manner, helping to stave off the inevitable brain fatigue of trawling through information.


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