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Prizes Paid

How many Points can I earn?

First of all let's deal with the 'myth'. This is for fun! You will not get rich overnight and please do not give up your day job!!! You will make some money from completing surveys and you will get paid when you make a claim.

Your main income is from surveys, for which you will receive points based on how long or how complicated is the survey that you are completing.

How else can I earn points?
  • You will earn between 6 and 18 points for each Survey you complete.
  • You also get 1 point for each (20 minute or longer) Survey one of your referrals completes, for as long as you remain a spider yourself.
  • Every week there are 1 minute "quickies" which pay 1 point each
  • Then, there are bonus points, like for completing your Profile.
  • Finally, there are competitions (held from time to time) where more points are on offer.

and, how much is a Point?

About 10 cents of an US dollar.


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