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Q210014. The Fine Print 2021-04-23 Worldwide 1
Q210015. Your Credit Card 2021-04-30 Worldwide 1
Q210016. Donations 2021-05-07 Worldwide 1
Q210017. Is Visual? 2021-05-14 Worldwide 1
Q210018. Top 5... Not! 2021-05-21 Worldwide 1
Q210019. Picture Me 2021-05-28 Worldwide 1
Q210020. Flashy or Not 2021-06-04 Worldwide 1
Q210021. Navigation 2021-06-11 Worldwide 1
R204217. Developers United States 6
R208450. Manager+ United States 9
R208477. Manager+ United States 9
R208505. Manager+ Germany 9
R208506. Manager+ Japan 9
R208558. Manager+ Germany 9
R208559. Manager+ Japan 9
R208598. Consumers Canada 9
R208602. Consumers Canada 9
R208620. Parents United Kingdom 11
R208626. Parents United Kingdom 11
R208670. C-Suite v2 United Kingdom 6
R208671. C-Suite v2 United Kingdom 6
R208672. C-Suite v2 United Kingdom 6
R208673. C-Suite Germany 6
R208674. C-Suite Germany 6
R208676. C-Suite France 6
R208677. C-Suite France 6
R208678. C-Suite France 6
R208679. C-Suite Australia 6
R208680. C-Suite Australia 6
R208681. C-Suite Australia 6
R208682. C-Suite Japan 6
R208683. C-Suite Japan 6
R208684. C-Suite Japan 6
R208685. C-Suite Singapore 6
R208686. C-Suite Singapore 6
R208687. C-Suite Singapore 6
R208688. C-Suite South Korea 6
R208689. C-Suite South Korea 6
R208955. SMB United States 12
R208956. SMB Germany 12
R208957. SMB United Kingdom 12
R208958. SMB France 12
R208959. SMB Australia 12
R208960. SMB Singapore 12
R209046. DMs CP3 Germany 6
R209047. DMs CP3 South Korea 6
R211008. Director+ United States 12
R211009. Director+ United Kingdom 12
R211037. Managers Singapore 12
R211040. Managers Nigeria 12
R211047. Managers South Africa 12
R211048. Managers Singapore 12
R211049. Managers Malaysia 12
R211050. Managers Thailand 12
R211051. Managers Nigeria 12
R211114. Managers United Arab Emir 12
R211115. Managers Indonesia 12
R211116. Managers Hong Kong 12
R211117. Managers Japan 12
R211118. Managers South Korea 12
R211119. Managers France 12
R211120. Managers Italy 12
R211121. Managers Turkey 12
R211122. Managers Spain 12
R211123. Managers Mexico 12
R211124. Managers Brazil 12
R211125. Managers Netherlands 12
R211126. Managers Germany 12
R211127. Managers Saudi Arabia 12
R211128. Managers United Arab Emir 12
R211129. Managers Indonesia 12
R211130. Managers Hong Kong 12
R211131. Managers Japan 12
R211132. Managers South Korea 12
R211133. Managers France 12
R211134. Managers Italy 12
R211135. Managers Spain 12
R211136. Managers Mexico 12
R211137. Managers Brazil 12
R211138. Managers Netherlands 12
R211139. Managers Germany 12
R211344. Managers CP2 South Africa 12
R211345. Managers CP2 Malaysia 12
R211346. Managers CP2 Thailand 12
R211347. Managers CP2 Saudi Arabia 12
R211517. Advertising DMs Japan 9
R211518. Advertising DMs United States 9
R211711. Director+ Germany 12
R211832. Students United States 12
R211841. Students United States 12
R211880. ITDM United States 12
R211883. General Population Thailand 6
R211920. Energy Influencers United States 9
R211990. CXO+ United Kingdom 12
R212026. DMs United Kingdom 12
R212060. Decision Makers United States 12
R212132. Sports South Korea 12
R212136. Sports China 12
R212137. Sports United States 12
R212141. Sports Mexico 12
R212142. Sports South Korea 12
R212146. Sports China 12
R212169. Type 1 Diabetes patie United Kingdom 18
R212188. Students France 12
R212189. Staff France 12
R212190. C-lvl Execs United States 18
R212191. Sports United States 12
R212192. Sports United States 12
R212193. Sports United States 12
R212195. Sports United States 12
R212196. Sports United States 12
R212198. Sports United States 12
R212199. Sports United States 12
R212200. Sports United States 12
R212201. Sports United States 12
R212204. Sports United States 12
R212205. Sports United States 12
R212207. Sports United States 12
R212208. Sports United States 12
R212209. Students Australia 12
R212210. Staff Australia 12
R212211. Sports United States 12
R212212. Sports United States 12
R212214. Sports United States 12
R212215. Sports United States 12
R212223. Sports ME United States 12
R212224. Sports ME United States 12
R212225. Sports ME United States 12
R212226. Sports ME United States 12
R212227. Sports ME United States 12
R212228. Sports ME United States 12
R212229. Sports MO United States 12
R212230. Sports MO United States 12
R212231. Sports MO United States 12
R212232. Sports MO United States 12
R212233. Sports MO United States 12
R212234. Sports MO United States 12
R212236. Sports NM United States 12
R212237. Sports NC United States 12
R212238. Sports NC United States 12
R212239. Sports NC United States 12
R212240. Sports NC United States 12
R212241. Sports NC United States 12
R212242. Sports NC United States 12
R212243. Sports NC United States 12
R212244. Sports SC United States 12
R212245. Sports SC United States 12
R212246. Sports SC United States 12
R212247. Sports SC United States 12
R212248. Sports SC United States 12
R212249. Sports SC United States 12
R212250. Sports SC United States 12
R212251. Sports SC United States 12
R212252. Sports AK United States 12
R212253. Sports AK United States 12
R212267. Sports AK United States 12
R212274. Employees v2 CP2 United States 12
R212277. GenPop United States 9
R212278. GenPop China 9
R212294. Financial DMs Canada 6
R212302. CXO+ Canada 12
R212304. CXO+ Brazil 12
R212307. CXO+ Italy 12
R212308. CXO+ Japan 12
R212311. CXO+ Saudi Arabia 12
R212313. CXO+ Spain 12
R212319. B2B Roles United Kingdom 9
R212320. B2B Roles India 9
R212321. B2B Roles Canada 9
R212322. B2B Roles Singapore 9
R212323. B2B Roles Hong Kong 9
R212363. Decision Makers Germany 12
R212369. General Population Germany 14
R212380. C-lvl Execs L2 Australia 18
R212381. C-lvl Execs L2 United Kingdom 18
R212415. GenPop United States 3
R212419. Sports CA United States 12
R212423. Consumer Study United States 12
R212443. Online sellers United Kingdom 9
R212463. C-lvl Execs Germany 18
R212465. C-lvl Execs Canada 18
R212470. Online sellers Germany 9
R212477. DMs France 18
R212482. Education Pros United States 11
R212485. C-lvl Execs China 18
R212489. General Population United States 6
R212495. ITDMs Germany 9
R212526. C-lvl Execs Sweden 18
R212530. Car Owners Canada 15
R212532. Car Owners Mexico 15
R212558. GenPop 18+ United States 3
R212563. Farmers United States 12
R212580. Benefits DMs United States 9
R212589. Parents United States 15
R212600. ITDMs United States 12
R212620. ITDMs United States 9
R212622. BDMs United States 3
R212635. General Population United States 6
R212639. Marketing DMís United States 12
R212648. Sports United States 12
R212662. Consumer Study United States 9
R212664. Business Study United States 6
R212666. ITDMs France 9
R212680. Director United States 6
R212683. Director United Kingdom 6
R212696. Highschool Kids Canada 12
R212699. SMB Owners United States 9
R212705. Business Study Canada 6
R212707. States Genpop United States 7
R212709. General Population United States 6
R212710. General Population United States 6
R212711. General Population United States 6
R212712. Richmond Panel United States 6
R212713. Hartford Panel United States 6
R212715. GenPop Australia 9
R212716. GenPop Ireland 9
R212717. GenPop Italy 9
R212718. GenPop Netherlands 9
R212719. GenPop Poland 9
R212720. GenPop Singapore 9
R212721. GenPop South Africa 9
R212722. GenPop Spain 9
R212723. GenPop Sweden 9
R212732. Business Study United States 6
R212733. Business Study Canada 6
R212738. Manager+ Canada 6
R212742. Managers Hong Kong 12
R212743. Managers Singapore 12
R212745. Manager+ United States 6
R212755. Sports United States 12
R212759. Consumer Study United States 12
R212765. C-lvl+ United States 9
R212775. C-lvl Execs CP2 India 18
R212776. C-lvl Execs CP2 Finland 18
R212777. C-lvl Execs CP2 Switzerland 18
R212778. C-lvl Execs CP2 Netherlands 18
R212779. C-lvl Execs V2 CP2 Brazil 18
R212780. C-lvl Execs CP2 Spain 18
R212781. C-lvl Execs CP2 France 18
R212782. GenPop United States 9
R212784. C-lvl Execs CP2 Japan 18
R212787. Brokers/Insurance United States 6
R212788. Facilities DMs United Kingdom 9
R212795. Manager+ Canada 6
R212796. Manager+ United States 6
R212804. FT Employed United Kingdom 7
R212808. FT Employed Canada 7
R212820. C-lvl Execs Norway 18
R212832. Brokers/Insurance United States 6
R212845. Director France 6
R212866. Director Germany 6
R212867. Director Netherlands 6
R212880. Employed United States 12
R212882. Insurance Agents United States 12
R212886. Insurance Agents United Kingdom 12
R212887. Manager+ Australia 12
R212890. ITDMs United States 6
R212898. GenPop United States 9
R212899. GenPop United States 9
R212901. Single United States 12
R212905. C-lvl Execs CP3 Italy 18
R212911. Fleet DMs United States 7
R212914. Managers United Kingdom 9
R212924. Managers Legal United Kingdom 9
R212925. Managers Legal United States 9
R212926. Managers Finance United States 9
R212939. GenPop United States 15
R212942. GOV ITDMs United States 6
R212946. Architect United States 18
R213001. Diaper Buyers Germany 15
R213003. Construction United States 12
R213018. General Population Brazil 9
R213019. General Population Germany 9
R213020. General Population Russian Federati 9
R213021. General Population Hong Kong 9
R213026. GenPop United States 5
R213029. CSCOs Singapore 9
R213030. CSCOs India 9
R213034. Manager+ India 12
R213037. Type 1 Diabetes patie Argentina 18
R213038. Type 1 Diabetes patie South Korea 18
R213039. Type 1 Diabetes patie Colombia 18
R213041. Type 1 Diabetes patie United Arab Emir 18
R213043. Type 1 Diabetes patie Brazil 18
R213045. Type 1 Diabetes patie India 18
R213046. Type 1 Diabetes patie Germany 18
R213047. Type 1 Diabetes patie Romania 18
R213048. Manager+ United Kingdom 12
R213049. Manager+ United States 12
R213050. Manager+ Canada 12
R213055. Consumer Study United States 15
R213069. ITDMs United States 12
R213070. Manager+/ITDMs United States 6
R213071. AA/Hispanics GP United States 12
R213073. BDMs Germany 12
R213075. BDMs United Kingdom 12
R213076. BDMs Canada 12
R213077. BDMs Australia 12
R213078. CX Influencers United States 9
R213088. Women United States 7
R213090. AA/Hispanics GP United States 12
R213094. ITDMs United States 9
R213095. ITDMs United States 9
R213111. ITDMs India 9
R213120. BDMs United States 6
R213121. Parents Chile 12
R213123. BDMs United States 6
R213126. AA United States 12
R213132. BDMs United States 6
R213133. ITDMs United States 6
R213148. Bank Account Holders United States 12
R213150. University DMs United Kingdom 9
R213151. BDMs United States 9
R213156. GenPop 13-24 United States 5
R213160. GenPop South Korea 5
R213161. GenPop China 5
R213163. GenPop Mexico 5
R213164. GenPop Germany 5
R213165. GenPop Spain 5
R213166. GenPop Italy 5
R213167. GenPop France 5
R213169. FT Employed China 7
R213170. FT Employed Germany 7
R213171. FT Employed Japan 7
R213172. University DMs South Korea 9
R213173. University DMs Japan 9
R213174. University DMs Singapore 9
R213180. BDMs United States 9
R213189. CX Influencers United Kingdom 9
R213190. CX Influencers Australia 9
R213197. Managers+ Canada 6
R213202. FT Employed Mexico 7
R213205. University DMs Hong Kong 9
R213207. Manager+ France 11
R213209. Diaper Buyers France 15
R213210. DMs Canada 12
R213214. Matress Intenders United States 6
R213215. IT PROs/DMs United States 9
R213218. CX Influencers Germany 9
R213219. Marketing/Advert DMs United Kingdom 4
R213221. Marketing/Advert DMs United Kingdom 4
R213225. Financial Software DM United States 12
R213226. Advertising DMs United States 12
R213228. Manager+ United States 12
R213229. BDMs India 6
R213233. Car Intenders PC United States 15
R213234. Car Intenders Mob United States 15
R213237. Mattress Intenders United States 6
R213239. Accountants United States 3
R213240. FT Employed EN CP2 United States 7
R213241. FT Employed ES CP2 United States 7
R213242. FT Employed CP2 United Kingdom 7
R213243. FT Employed EN CP2 Canada 7
R213244. FT Employed FR CP2 Canada 7
R213245. Printer DMs Germany 12
R213250. Advertising DMs United States 12
R213251. Printer DMs France 12
R213253. Printer DMs Italy 12
R213254. Financial Advisors United States 10
R213255. Consumer Study Australia 6
R213256. Advertising DMs United Kingdom 12
R213259. ITDMs United States 9
R213261. Decision Makers United States 12
R213262. SBOs United States 12
R213263. Employed United States 12
R213265. Skin Care Products United States 12
R213267. Advertising DMs United Kingdom 12
R213279. BDMs United Kingdom 9
R213280. ITDMs United Kingdom 9
R213281. BDMs India 9
R213282. ITDMs India 9
R213283. BDMs India 6
R213284. ITDMs India 6
R213299. Finance Managers United Kingdom 9
R213304. Diabetic Hispanics United States 18
R213307. Blue Collar Professio United States 15
R213312. General Population United States 3
R213313. Healthcare informed United Kingdom 6
R213315. Healthcare informed China 6
R213316. Healthcare informed Japan 6
R213318. Financial Advisor United States 9
R213319. CX Influencers Japan 9
R213320. CX Influencers Brazil 9
R213321. CX Influencers France 9
R213322. CX Influencers Mexico 9
R213325. General Population United States 9
R213328. FT/PT United States 12
R213329. ITDMs United States 9
R213332. GenPop United States 15
R213339. Printer DMs Germany 12
R213340. Printer DMs France 12
R213341. Printer DMs Italy 12
R213342. Accountants United States 3
R213343. Financial Advisors United States 10
R213353. ITDMs United States 6
R213362. ITDMs China 9
R213365. Finance Managers United Kingdom 9
R213367. Finance DMs United States 6
R213370. HRDMs United Kingdom 9
R213371. Consumer Study United States 6
R213377. Quebec ITDMs Canada 7
R213378. General Population United States 6
R213381. General Population United Kingdom 6
R213382. Georgia Residents United States 5
R213391. Consumer Study United States 3
R213392. HRDMs United Kingdom 9
R213394. ITDMs United States 15
R213401. GOV C-lvl United States 9
R213404. Social Studies Teache United States 11
R213405. General Population New Zealand 9
R213406. Finance Pros United States 9
R213407. C-lvl GOV United States 6
R213410. Printing DMs Canada 6
R213411. ITDMs United States 15
R213413. Finance Pros United States 9
R213427. Manager+ United States 9
R213428. Investable Assets United States 12
R213429. Office Supplies DMs United States 6
R213433. Shoe Study Italy 12
R213435. Shoe Study France 12
R213436. Shoe Study China 12
R213453. Security DMs Australia 9
R213454. Voters United States 11
R213455. Students United States 15
R213456. Parent Voters United States 11
R213459. Manager+ United States 9
R213463. Shoe Study United States 12
R213464. Voters LA United States 9
R213470. Insurance Brokers United States 6
R213485. HR Managers United States 9
R213501. Insurance Brokers United States 6
R213510. Residents United States 6
R213511. Residents United States 6
R213512. California Residents United States 6
R213513. California Residents Canada 6
R213514. Security DMs United States 6


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