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The spiderPanel is made up of a limited number of our best spiders. They represent the views and opinions of the general population. For example, as new features, games, competitions are planned for our site, they are asked for their opinion first. They participate in any major redevelopment (in an advisory capacity) and generally have a say in everything we do.

SpiderPanel for 2020

Spider... Country... Spider Since Last Seen Species
AaronNew Zealand2005, Marchthis monthTarantula
adeIndonesia2009, JunerecentlyRed Back
AdrianAustralia2001, Januaryno long agoBlack Widow
AgapiGreece2004, Novemberno long agoRed Back
AlannaUnited States2002, Decembera while backDaddy Long Legs
Amy LynnUnited Kingdom2002, Julya while backDaddy Long Legs
ArmadiIndonesia2008, Decembera while backFunnel Web
arvindkumarIndia2006, Octoberno long agoDaddy Long Legs
BarbaraUnited States2002, Junea while backRed Back
BradAustralia2005, Augustno long agoDaddy Long Legs
cathyAustralia2001, Marcha while backDaddy Long Legs
ChrisAustralia2001, Julya while backFunnel Web
ChristopherUnited Kingdom2001, Maya while backRed Back
ChristopherUnited Kingdom2004, NovemberyesterdayBlack Widow
DeidreAustralia2001, Februaryno long agoBlack Widow
Dennis MarkPhilippines2007, Aprila while backTarantula
DianaUnited States2004, Octobera while backRed Back
ErinCanada2002, NovemberyesterdayRed Back
FahmidaIndia2006, Septemberthis weekFunnel Web
GaryAustralia2000, JulyyesterdayRed Back
GeorgeGreece2007, Aprilno long agoFunnel Web
GrahamAustralia2000, Augusta while backDaddy Long Legs
HelenaAustralia2000, SeptemberrecentlyRed Back
Hooi LengMalaysia2006, Marcha while backFunnel Web
IoannaGreece2006, Octoberthis weekFunnel Web
IsabelleSouth Africa2010, Januarythis weekDaddy Long Legs
JeffUnited States2004, Junethis weekBlack Widow
JennyMalaysia2006, Maya while backRed Back
JerryAustralia2000, JunerecentlyBlack Widow
JoAnnUnited States2002, Januarya while backRed Back
JoseSpain2003, SeptemberrecentlyDaddy Long Legs
karenAustralia2004, Julythis monthRed Back
KarenSwitzerland2000, Septembera while backFunnel Web
KerstinAustralia2001, Januarya while backFunnel Web
KevinUnited States2002, OctoberyesterdayFunnel Web
KymberlyAustralia2001, Januarya while backFunnel Web
LeandraUnited Kingdom2005, Februarythis monthDaddy Long Legs
LilikIndonesia2008, Augusta while backDaddy Long Legs
MARIANTHIAustralia2008, Octobera while backBlack Widow
MicheleUnited States2001, AprilyesterdayBlack Widow
MikeUnited States2003, Septembera while backDaddy Long Legs
Nik NoorhananMalaysia2007, Julythis weekFunnel Web
PamAustralia2000, Junea while backBlack Widow
PamelakiAustralia2000, Junea while backFunnel Web
PauletteNew Zealand2005, MarchrecentlyRed Back
PeterUnited States2003, MayyesterdayTarantula
PredragSouth Africa2009, Octoberthis monthFunnel Web
PriscillaUnited States2001, JuneyesterdayTarantula
RashidaIndia2007, Marcha while backDaddy Long Legs
RobertAustralia2000, JunerecentlyFunnel Web
robert aAustralia2005, Februaryno long agoRed Back
ROSELIMalaysia2007, Julya while backFunnel Web
RuthNew Zealand2005, Marchthis monthFunnel Web
Sau-MingUnited States2001, Maythis weekFunnel Web
StathisGreece2007, Januarythis weekTarantula
sumitaIndia2007, Marchno long agoDaddy Long Legs
Valerie Min LeeMalaysia2006, Augustthis monthDaddy Long Legs
Wee BengSingapore2005, Februarya while backBlack Widow
ΔέσποιναGreece2007, DecemberrecentlyFunnel Web


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