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This Week (Friday, October 19th, 2018)
    Cash Payments to
      Adam from Poland | Benjamin from Singapore | Kam Heng from Malaysia | Yiannis from Greece | anil from India
    Electronic Vouchers to
      mimoza from Greece | Kim Huat from Malaysia | Nikoletta from Greece
    World Vision Donations from
      Shervy from Saint Lucia | LIEZL from Philippines | LIEZL from Philippines | Erwin from Indonesia | Nicole from South Africa | Reda from Saudi Arabia | Olasunkanmi from Nigeria | Vimala from Malaysia
    Bonus Points paid to
      ΜΙΧΑΗΛ from Greece | Oksana from Ukraine | heidi from Australia | Harry from Australia

Last Week
    World Vision Donations from
      David from United States | David from United States | leonardo from Philippines | Claudiu from Romania | Claudiu from Romania
    Bonus Points paid to
      Elena from Russian Federation | filimon from Romania | slyvia from Malaysia | Renata from Brazil

Two Weeks Ago
    World Vision Donations from
      nopporn from Thailand | Vivianne from Canada | Vivianne from Canada | Nnaji from Nigeria

Three Weeks Ago
    Cash Payments to
      θεοδωρος from Greece | Rick from Australia | Muthu from India | Theokles from Greece | Andrey from Russian Federation | Bjoern from Germany | Norma from Australia
    Electronic Vouchers to
      Natalia from Russian Federation | DINESH from India
    World Vision Donations from
      Avishek from India | Mohd Yazlin from Malaysia | nopporn from Thailand | nopporn from Thailand
    Bonus Points paid to
      RONALDO from Brazil | Parag from India | Vania from Canada

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