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Public Surveys Results

The short weekly studies provide us with a great understanding of how our members feel about the various internet issues and trends. Studies are conducted on line, taking a random sample of about 1000 members, who are also encouraged to submit additional comments.

Click any of the Studies listed below to view summary results and a selection of participant comments.


Study Title Conducted Participants
  Q170044. Place your Bets Nov 10 to Nov 19, 2017 1001
  Q170043. Many Newsletters? Nov 03 to Nov 11, 2017 1001
  Q170042. Google Me? Oct 27 to Nov 04, 2017 1000
  Q170041. Mr Joe Famous Oct 20 to Oct 28, 2017 1002
  Q170040. Is Friendly? Oct 13 to Oct 21, 2017 1001
  Q170039. Waiting... Oct 06 to Oct 14, 2017 1000

Study Q170032. Coupons
Question -
Trying to entice people into their physical stores, many web sites have started producing discount Coupons which you can print from the Internet, take them to the store, and receive a special offer or discount.

We have heard of stories about the stores refusing to honor those coupons, claiming that they are not valid, they were photocopied, defaced, done in Word etc. etc.

What is your experience with Internet Coupons?

Responses -
ID Response %
1 I have never seen such coupons. 26.7
2 I have seen them but have never used them. 33.4
3 I have used them and had no problems. 34.2
4 I have tried to use them and had them refused. 5.7
  Total % 100.0

Participant Comments (randomly selected) -
ID Comment Member From Sex Age
3872147I would like too it seems like a good idea!Tracey-leeNew ZealandF23
3872069The very few 'coupons' available to people in Australia are only for tiny perfume samples. Otherwise coupons are generally not available for anything here.LeoneAustraliaF60
3872778More surveys, Please.Mary AnnPhilippinesF53
3873075I have used internet coupons which I have purchased from a website called Metrodeal and used them in buffets and spa and had no problem as long as the coupon is valid in that specific area and is used within the date before the deadline.John DavidPhilippinesM23
3871599Difficult to use if you don't have a printer or don't have continuous internet on your smartphoneArneCanadaM55
3871482Where am I search the coupon?MurugesanIndiaM38
3872500I have not used them maybe because I believe that it doesn't work.PreciousNigeriaF39
3872102I received a coupon after making a purchase from a physical Nike store. Some time after I went back to the same store to claim said coupon only to be informed that I was only allowed to use it when I purchased goods from Nike store online. :/NormaAustraliaF44
3872449although I'd love to try oneBenjaminNigeriaM19
3871573Never worked for me. Always seems to be an excuse!LawrenceCanadaM68
3872436Would love to try them outMathemahleSouth AfricaM24
3872537i want more survey every second timenurMalaysiaF28
3871480good to uselaiMalaysiaM33
3872459nie mam uwag.jerzyPolandM61
3871663eu sempre ouvi falar mais nao usei mais tenho parentes que sempre usa e diz ser muito bom e verazjoao antonioBrazilM57
3872359no commenysmehkaraIndiaF22

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