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Public Surveys Results

The short weekly studies provide us with a great understanding of how our members feel about the various internet issues and trends. Studies are conducted on line, taking a random sample of about 1000 members, who are also encouraged to submit additional comments.

Click any of the Studies listed below to view summary results and a selection of participant comments.


Study Title Conducted Participants
  Q170039. Waiting... Oct 06 to Oct 14, 2017 1000
  Q170038. Live Entertainment Sep 29 to Oct 07, 2017 1001
  Q170037. Advertising Sep 22 to Sep 30, 2017 1000
  Q170036. What Sells? Sep 15 to Sep 24, 2017 1001
  Q170035. Home Pages Sep 08 to Sep 17, 2017 1001
  Q170034. Is Secure? Sep 01 to Sep 10, 2017 1000

Study Q170029. Adult Sites
Question -
There has been a great deal of controversy about adult sites, and the effect they have on people.

Sites which contain adult material have been called inappropriate and antisocial, but a recent report went as far as labeling them as addictive.

In the last three months, how many times did you visit a site which contained adult material?

Responses -
ID Response %
1 I reserve the right to say nothing! 8.2
2 Never. 32.7
3 Once or twice. 24.1
4 A few times. 27.1
5 All the time. 7.9
  Total % 100.0

Participant Comments (randomly selected) -
ID Comment Member From Sex Age
3869165NENHUM COMENTÁRIO.gisleneBrazilF49
3868729I don't care what people think. Everyone can see what they want on the internet, when they want.RobertoBrazilM27
3868726It is always like that bashing things of negative judgement and conclusion and I think it is a bit stupid behavior of an individual to say that without further correction on a negative comments. It would be better to ignore it and question back the individual who comment it if he/she has not done that thing in his/her entire life. He/She will be embarrass because it is a personal matter. People do not like to much talking personal matter due to it determines their negative attitude. Well that is stupid to bash negative like that when you know in yourself you are negative also. That is an stupid individual.AndrewPhilippinesM23
3868734should not show this kind of content in the internet because kids can access to this anytime which will give them an idea of making violencejenylPhilippinesF37
3869747I too believe that adult sites are inappropriate for all persons, leave alone our dear young children, they are gradual causes of disoriented familiesMichaelUgandaM36
3868739Like anything, moderation is key! I don't think it's right for the media to suggest anything "adult" or sexual in nature is inherently bad for people/society, sex is a normal part of life.TessAustraliaF28
3869183i watch it to improve so i can impress my girlfriend, so in my point of view and many others like me its appropriate, but only to a limit. too much of it is bad...SabeloSouth AfricaM23
3868371Since it is called as an "adult site", then it should be viewed by just an adult.Jovani JamesPhilippinesM19
3868822Actually I have no time to visit adult sites generally. Most probably I did not visit fully adult sites within the last three months. But sometimes some links of the adult sites came automatically during visiting another sites. So I have chosen the option "Once or Twice" above.AmitabhaIndiaM47
3868923I don't think adult sites are antisocial they may be addictive but not antisocial hence the term adult sites.PinkettNigeriaF17
3869126not my thing☺DimitriNew ZealandM74
3869450I believe it is something that's addictive until you find the light. Thankfully, I haven't seen even a glimpse of it for almost 3 months now.WarlynPhilippinesF26
3869142It is disgusting the way they suddenly pop up in your face, while surfing other sites!AngelikaSouth AfricaF63
3869434są właściwe i potrzebneJózefPolandM61
3868418Once you've seen it once or twice, you've seen it.JeffUnited StatesM55
3868883About once a weekFaizanIndiaM19

Reader Please Note: Comments represent a member's opinion, and appear here exactly as submitted, unedited and uncut. SpiderMetrix.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever about any comment made by any member.


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