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Public Surveys Results

The short weekly studies provide us with a great understanding of how our members feel about the various internet issues and trends. Studies are conducted on line, taking a random sample of about 1000 members, who are also encouraged to submit additional comments.

Click any of the Studies listed below to view summary results and a selection of participant comments.


Study Title Conducted Participants
  Q170039. Waiting... Oct 06 to Oct 14, 2017 1000
  Q170038. Live Entertainment Sep 29 to Oct 07, 2017 1001
  Q170037. Advertising Sep 22 to Sep 30, 2017 1000
  Q170036. What Sells? Sep 15 to Sep 24, 2017 1001
  Q170035. Home Pages Sep 08 to Sep 17, 2017 1001
  Q170034. Is Secure? Sep 01 to Sep 10, 2017 1000

Study Q170026. Friends on the Net
Question -
Some people argue that the Internet is impersonal because it encourages people to sit by themselves tapping away at a computer.

Others argue that the Internet is a good way of socialising and meeting new people, via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

Which of the following applies to you?

Responses -
ID Response %
1 I don't use the Internet to communicate with people 7.7
2 I mostly communicate with people I already knew in real life, and haven't met anyone new yet. 32.4
3 I mostly communicate with people I already knew in real life, but have met some great new on line friends. 38.3
4 I mostly communicate with people I met on line, but haven't met anyone really interesting yet. 5.8
5 I mostly communicate with people I met on line, and have met some great new friends. 15.8
  Total % 100.0

Participant Comments (randomly selected) -
ID Comment Member From Sex Age
3865961i not only mostly communicate with people I already knew in real life but also i usually communicate with people I met on line and i meet some good person, good friendsTranViet NamF25
3866421it is greattridipIndiaM24
3865959Because I have many adopted brother and sister.AnnMyanmarM21
3865598In the past I met some new friends on the net but nowadays I only communicate with real life friends because I don't have any free time leftGodfriedBelgiumM53
3866413naking friends online is a great experience especially if one meets with someone from an area he or she cant access easily, then it makes the world smaller if you can meet someone online and become friends even if you have not met physically.MichaelUgandaM36
3865766The internet need to be used with responsability, the effets are be good or bad depend of type of people.VanessaBrazilF27
3865950The internet is a great way with friends and family members, it just come with the added benefits if letting you meet new individuals enabling us to learn more about each other and the world we live in.VennanSouth AfricaM23
3866485Internet is good for socialising and meeting new people and it is necessary for every person. Everyone should aware with internet.SaurabhIndiaM26
3865818I love social mediaErnestSouth AfricaM54
3865077Nowadays it can be dangerous to chat with someone whom you don't know..and its a big NO for me...to chat with a stangerswatiIndiaF19
3865912Internet is a big help for communication especially if you are from from home.MarchelleThailandF35
3865621I communicate with people that I already know mostly,, but I have also met some interesting persons on line.CamoyJamaicaF26
3866303the Internet has negative and positive points, so we can not live without it.AchrafMoroccoM25
3866472Nice questionskirtiIndiaF27
3865292I haven't met a lot of people just a few, but i'm not on the internet for that reason.ReginaUnited StatesF59
3866568internet is interestingMOHAMMAD AZMALSaudi ArabiaM45

Reader Please Note: Comments represent a member's opinion, and appear here exactly as submitted, unedited and uncut. SpiderMetrix.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever about any comment made by any member.


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