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Public Surveys Results

The short weekly studies provide us with a great understanding of how our members feel about the various internet issues and trends. Studies are conducted on line, taking a random sample of about 1000 members, who are also encouraged to submit additional comments.

Click any of the Studies listed below to view summary results and a selection of participant comments.


Study Title Conducted Participants
  Q170001. URL And Names Jan 13 to Jan 22, 2017 1002
  Q160049. Sput the Dummy Dec 23 to Jan 01, 2017 1000
Q160048. Going Shopping Dec 16 to Dec 25, 2016 1001
  Q160047. Your Career Dec 09 to Dec 17, 2016 1002
  Q160046. Your Education Dec 02 to Dec 10, 2016 1000
  Q160045. Love Me? Nov 25 to Dec 03, 2016 1000

Study Q160048. Going Shopping
Question -
Each Weekly Survey deals with a different Topic, and this one is about ‘Shopping’ including Auctions, Retailers and Classifieds.

So, specifically About Your Shopping Needs, do you think that what is currently available on the Internet provides you with...

Responses -
ID Response %
1 Everything that I need. 27.8
2 Most of what I need, and that is enough. 35.6
3 Most of what I need, wish there was more. 27.1
4 Less than what I need, wish there was more. 7.6
5 Less than what I need, but couldn’t ask for more. 1.0
6 Nothing that I need. 1.0
  Total % 100.0

Participant Comments (randomly selected) -
ID Comment Member From Sex Age
3835131even i haven't bought anything in the last few yearsRistiIndonesiaF23
3835699Yo on line compro poco, porque me gusta tocar ver, probar, ect...mariaSpainF61
3835337tem comparaçao e tudo mais que possa me interessarmaria defatimaBrazilF56
3836666SatisfactoryJamesSouth AfricaM38
3835178Related with shopping nowadays everything we get on online our domestic needs also.baseetIndiaM22
3835535нетElenaRussian FedF46
3836556i need everything i thinksugiatiIndonesiaF52
3836465Great Job!!!!DemetriusUnited StatesM36
3836504The internet offers endless access to good from across the globe.CarynUnited StatesF28
3835104there are many things for me on internetdharmendraIndiaM24
3835684everthing I need is available on internet.zulaikhaPakistanF22
3835794But shipping can be a problem depending on where you live.JaneGuatemalaF53
3836368yes I like to shopping onlinemustakimIndonesiaM25
3835994No comment.GohMalaysiaF34
3836483Acho que a internet está mais avançada, hoje temos um enorme vasto de escolhas de nossas perferências!ormindoBrazilM32

Reader Please Note: Comments represent a member's opinion, and appear here exactly as submitted, unedited and uncut. SpiderMetrix.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever about any comment made by any member.


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