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Public Surveys Results

The short weekly studies provide us with a great understanding of how our members feel about the various internet issues and trends. Studies are conducted on line, taking a random sample of about 1000 members, who are also encouraged to submit additional comments.

Click any of the Studies listed below to view summary results and a selection of participant comments.


Study Title Conducted Participants
  Q170001. URL And Names Jan 13 to Jan 22, 2017 1002
  Q160049. Sput the Dummy Dec 23 to Jan 01, 2017 1000
  Q160048. Going Shopping Dec 16 to Dec 25, 2016 1001
  Q160047. Your Career Dec 09 to Dec 17, 2016 1002
  Q160046. Your Education Dec 02 to Dec 10, 2016 1000
  Q160045. Love Me? Nov 25 to Dec 03, 2016 1000

Study Q160044. Place your Bets
Question -
The Internet has given us yet another outlet to 'place our bets'. Be it the Roulette Wheel, a Lottery, a Sporting Event, or a game of Bingo...

Have you in the last six months participated in any gambling activity on the Internet, using your own money?

Hmmm... is placing just one tinnie-minnie-winnie little bet, really gambling as such? - Well, for the purpose of this quickie, yes it is.

Responses -
ID Response %
1 No - I never gamble 45.3
2 No - because I don't want to use my Credit Card over the Internet 7.4
3 No - because all of these gambling sites appear a bit dodgy to me - I'd never win 9.6
4 Yes - but only on special occasions or specific events 11.9
5 Yes - but only on a site I really-really trust 14.8
6 Yes - I gamble on a range of sites. 5.5
9 Actually yes, but not using real money. For example, I gambled with points, beenz, credits and the like, but never with real money. 5.9
  Total % 100.0

Participant Comments (randomly selected) -
ID Comment Member From Sex Age
3830719Gambling is not my cup of teaPIYUSHIndiaM17
3832158nie mam uwagjerzyPolandM61
3832148Before entering any site that requires money I usually search for some surveys or legitimacy of itdebbiePhilippinesF23
3831481I am afraid on being scammedDitroitZimbabweM24
3831535Vinco spesso!!!MarcoItalyM33
3830811sim quase sempre participo desde que o sit seja blindado e confiavel, onde encontro segurança, qualidades e inovaçoes reais e satisfatoriamente originaljoao antonioBrazilM56
3831995Mas ainda assim acho q é enganação, pois nunca consegui ganhar nada... Mesmo jogando com dinheiro real....luanaBrazilF32
3831528I would not do it because I'm pretty sure it's illegal! I would have to be convinced that the way a particular site does it is legal.ShirleyUnited StatesF55
3831542Gambling is something that gives an antisocial look ..ShantanuIndiaM21
3831652Thanks spidermetrix.arvindkumarIndiaM51
3831569gamble is the one major causing the collapse of individual financemarzumMalaysiaM22
3831413depend Upon Site and EarningAmithIndiaF37
3831593I'm a little bit too much for the Internet.xiaoChinaM26
3831278gambling is harambestari ibnuIndonesiaM27
3831052you're bound to lose money, the internet is a huge net, it never ever gives in the real sense; it always takes much enough from everywhere, either gambling or anything else through the net... If one has enough money to play around, he can happily lose it in the www as well.GIndiaM56
3831961MORE SURVEYS PLEASEterryAustraliaM38

Reader Please Note: Comments represent a member's opinion, and appear here exactly as submitted, unedited and uncut. SpiderMetrix.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever about any comment made by any member.


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