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Study Title Opens on Country Points
Q180028. Time Spent Jul 27, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180029. Adult Sites Aug 03, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180030. Menu Options Aug 10, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180031. Quit Aug 17, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180032. Coupons Aug 24, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180033. Search Results Aug 31, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180034. Is Secure? Sep 07, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180035. Home Pages Sep 14, 2018 Worldwide 1
R183371. Moviegoers soon Brazil 12
R183372. Moviegoers soon Russian Fed 12
R183373. Moviegoers soon Germany 12
R183465. BDMs soon United States 20
R183466. Broad Elites soon United States 20
R183467. DC Elites soon United States 20
R183468. Financial Elites soon United States 20
R183623. GenPop soon Mexico 25
R183869. GenPop soon South Africa 12
R183871. GenPop soon India 20
R183872. GenPop soon Mexico 20
R183873. GenPop soon United States 20
R183893. GenPop L2 soon Germany 11
R183906. Printers soon Russian Fed 20
R183977. Professionals soon India 20
R183978. Professionals soon Brazil 20
R183979. Professionals soon France 20
R183981. Professionals soon South Korea 20
R183982. Professionals soon United Kingdom 20
R183983. Professionals soon United States 20
R184057. C-Level soon United States 18
R184128. Females soon United States 4
R184280. Sports V2 soon United Kingdom 15
R184281. Sports V2 soon China 15
R184283. Sports V2 soon Brazil 15
R184284. Sports V2 soon France 15
R184285. Sports V2 soon Germany 15
R184286. Sports V2 soon Italy 15
R184287. Sports V2 soon Mexico 15
R184288. Sports V2 soon South Korea 15
R184289. Sports V2 soon Chile 15
R184290. Sports V2 soon Australia 15
R184291. Sports V2 soon Spain 15
R184292. Sports V2 soon Argentina 15
R184293. Sports V2 soon Russian Fed 15
R184348. Gamers soon United States 12
R184349. Gamers soon Japan 12
R184350. Gamers soon Canada 12
R184351. Gamers soon Brazil 12
R184352. Gamers soon China 12
R184353. Gamers soon India 12
R184354. Gamers soon United Kingdom 12
R184355. Gamers soon Australia 12
R184356. Gamers soon Germany 12
R184365. Sports V2 soon Japan 15
R184366. Sports V2 soon Japan 15
R184437. DMs soon United States 20
R184444. Food & Beverage DMs soon United Kingdom 10
R184468. Asthma Patients soon United States 25
R184469. Asthma Caregivers soon United States 25
R184475. Food & Beverage DMs soon Germany 10
R184476. Food & Beverage DMs soon France 10
R184477. Food & Beverage DMs soon Canada 10
R184478. Food & Beverage DMs soon Mexico 10
R184479. Food & Beverage DMs soon United States 10
R184499. GenPop soon India 15
R184504. GenPop soon Brazil 15
R184505. GenPop soon China 15
R184506. GenPop soon Germany 15
R184507. GenPop soon India 15
R184508. GenPop soon United Kingdom 15
R184511. Laptop Intenders soon China 15
R184514. Parents soon Canada 10
R184538. iPhone Users English soon Philippines 10
R184539. iPhone Users soon France 10
R184543. Car Intenders soon United States 15
R184548. Genpop soon Canada 10
R184549. Genpop 1 soon Canada 10
R184550. Genpop 2 soon Canada 10
R184566. SBOs soon Canada 20
R184571. Manager + soon United States 12
R184572. Manager + soon United Kingdom 12
R184573. Manager + soon Germany 12
R184574. Manager + soon France 12
R184575. Manager + soon Japan 12
R184578. House Owner soon Canada 12
R184581. Clothing Main soon France 15
R184582. Clothing Parents soon France 15
R184583. Clothing Main soon Singapore 15
R184584. Clothing Parents soon Singapore 15
R184585. Clothing Main soon Turkey 15
R184586. Clothing Parents soon Turkey 15
R184590. Clothing Parents soon South Africa 15
R184593. GenPop White soon United States 15
R184602. MBA soon United States 11
R184605. Car intenders NY&Port soon United States 20
R184611. ITDM soon Japan 12
R184612. ITDM soon Japan 12
R184613. ITDM soon Brazil 12
R184614. ITDM soon United States 12
R184615. Diabetics soon United States 12
R184617. Elites soon Spain 10
R184619. GenPop soon United States 12
R184625. Gen Pop soon Brazil 16
R184626. Gen Pop soon India 16
R184627. General Population soon United States 30
R184629. GenPop soon United States 10
R184633. Shoppers soon Australia 5
R184636. GenPop soon United Kingdom 15
R184637. Kids soon United Kingdom 15
R185004. Universal soon United Kingdom 15
R185005. Universal soon Brazil 20
R185007. Universal soon Italy 30
R185008. Universal soon Germany 30
R185009. Universal soon Russian Fed 30
R185011. Universal soon France 30
R185012. Universal soon Mexico 30
R185013. Groceries soon United States 15
R185017. GenPop soon United States 12
R185029. Emerging Homeowners soon United States 11
R185030. Legacy Homeowners soon United States 11
R185031. New Homeowners soon United States 11
R185032. Builders Homeowners soon United States 11
R185035. IT Managers soon Australia 15
R185036. IT Managers soon United States 15
R185038. Procurement DMs soon China 10
R185039. Procurement DMs soon China 10
R185042. Vehicle owners soon United States 10
R185054. SMB DMs soon United States 17
R185055. GenPop soon United Kingdom 15
R185061. Healthcare soon United States 12
R185064. BDMs soon China 12
R185067. Inside DMA soon United States 20
R185068. Corporate Security soon United States 10
R185069. Public Relations soon United States 10
R185071. Mothers Study 3 soon United States 14
R185073. Mothers Study 1 soon United States 14
R185075. Mothers Study 6 soon United States 14
R185076. Mothers Study 5 soon United States 14
R185079. DMs soon United States 20
R185081. Business Owners soon United States 20
R185082. Gamers soon Japan 12
R185087. Electronic Goods soon United Kingdom 12
R185092. BDMs soon United States 12
R185098. SBOs soon United States 12
R185099. Kids soon Italy 15
R185100. Kids soon Mexico 15
R185101. Kids soon Brazil 15
R185102. Kids soon France 15
R185103. Kids soon Spain 15
R185104. Kids soon United Kingdom 15
R185105. Kids soon Germany 15
R185106. Males DMA soon United States 20
R185110. BDMs soon United States 20
R185111. BDMs soon United States 20
R185112. BDMs soon United States 20
R185113. BDMs soon United States 20
R185114. Workers soon Canada 15
R185115. BDMs soon United States 20
R185121. Hairstylists soon United States 20
R185122. Vehicle owners soon Canada 15
R185124. GenPop soon Russian Fed 15
R185125. GenPop soon Mexico 15
R185126. Directors+ soon United States 8
R185128. Construction Profs 0 soon United States 12
R185129. Construction Profs 1 soon United States 12
R185130. Construction Profs 2 soon United States 12
R185131. Construction Profs 3 soon United States 12
R185132. College soon United States 25
R185133. College soon United States 25
R185136. Engaged Youth soon United States 18
R185139. BDMs soon United States 15
R185140. Workers soon United States 15
R185143. Chemical soon China 10
R185144. Chemical soon Germany 10
R185147. Chemical soon Japan 10
R185152. HR DMs soon United States 10
R185153. HR DMs soon United Kingdom 10
R185154. HR DMs soon Germany 10
R185155. HR DMs soon France 10
R185156. HR DMs soon Australia 10
R185157. SBOs soon United States 11
R185159. Universal Kids soon China 30
R185160. Homeowners soon United States 15
R185161. SBOs soon United States 11
R185163. Parents soon United States 20
R185170. Universal Kids soon Spain 30
R185171. Universal Kids soon Brazil 30
R185174. Universal Kids soon United Kingdom 30
R185176. GenPop DMAs soon United States 20
R185177. GenPop DMAs soon United States 20
R185178. GenPop soon United States 15
R185184. Work soon Greece 6
R185190. Consumers soon Japan 20
R185191. Opinion Formers soon Japan 20
R185192. BDMs soon Germany 20
R185193. Opinion Formers soon Germany 20
R185194. BDMs soon United States 20
R185195. Opinion Formers soon United States 20
R185197. BDMs soon Japan 20
R185198. Consumers soon Germany 20
R185199. Consumers soon United States 20
R185201. Genpop Beer soon Malaysia 12
R185202. Genpop Cider soon Malaysia 15


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