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Study Title Opens on Country Points
Q170046. Your Education Nov 24, 2017 Worldwide 1
Q170047. Your Career Dec 01, 2017 Worldwide 1
Q170048. Going Shopping Dec 08, 2017 Worldwide 1
Q170049. Sput the Dummy Dec 15, 2017 Worldwide 1
R173856. Directors+ soon United States 15
R173857. Directors+ soon China 15
R173858. Directors+ soon Germany 15
R173859. Directors+ soon United Kingdom 15
R173860. Directors+ soon Japan 15
R174044. TV Viewers soon United Kingdom 15
R174045. TV Viewers soon Brazil 15
R174046. TV Viewers soon Viet Nam 15
R174047. TV Viewers soon Italy 15
R174048. TV Viewers soon Malaysia 15
R174049. TV Viewers soon Indonesia 15
R174075. Car Owners soon United States 20
R174093. GenPar soon United Kingdom 15
R174094. Kids soon United Kingdom 15
R174099. ITDMs v2 soon United States 18
R174114. BDMs V2 soon United States 18
R174117. GenPop soon United States 20
R174118. GenPop soon United Kingdom 20
R174119. GenPop soon Germany 20
R174137. BDMs soon Australia 20
R174139. BDMs soon Canada 20
R174149. OL soon Australia 12
R174150. GenPop soon Mexico 12
R174151. OL soon Hong Kong 12
R174152. OL soon Singapore 12
R174153. OL soon United Kingdom 12
R174154. OL soon Germany 12
R174155. OL soon Japan 12
R174156. OL soon Brazil 12
R174161. California soon United States 10
R174163. ITDMs soon Germany 20
R174164. Influencer soon Germany 20
R174167. Influencer soon United States 20
R174168. BDMs soon United Kingdom 20
R174169. ITDMs soon United Kingdom 20
R174170. Influencer soon United Kingdom 20
R174174. BDMs soon Brazil 20
R174178. BDMs soon France 20
R174180. BDMs soon Mexico 20
R174187. BDMs soon France 20
R174193. Males soon United States 20
R174194. Moms soon United States 15
R174206. BDMs soon Japan 20
R174252. Beer Drinkers v2 soon United States 20
R174256. Developers soon United States 12
R174259. Developers soon Singapore 12
R174260. Developers soon Germany 12
R174262. Non Developers soon United States 12
R174265. Non Developers soon Singapore 12
R174266.Non Developers soon Germany 12
R174267. Non Developers soon France 12
R174269. Employed soon United States 20
R174270. TV Viewers soon South Africa 15
R174278. GenPop soon United States 10
R174279. Non Developers v2 soon Australia 12
R174280. ITDM soon Australia 12
R174281. ITDM soon Brazil 12
R174282. ITDM soon Germany 12
R174284. ITDM soon Japan 12
R174285. ITDM soon France 30
R174286. ITDM soon Australia 12
R174287. ITDM soon Brazil 12
R174288. ITDM soon Germany 12
R174289. ITDM soon Japan 12
R174290. ITDM soon France 30
R174295. BDMs soon Canada 15
R174297. Clothing Main soon United Kingdom 12
R174301. Clothing Main soon Singapore 12
R174302. Clothing Parents soon Germany 12
R174303. Clothing Parents soon United Kingdom 12
R174305. Clothing Parents soon France 12
R174306. Clothing Parents soon Turkey 12
R174307. Clothing Parents soon Singapore 12
R174308. Clothing Main soon Germany 12
R174309. Clothing Main soon United Kingdom 12
R174310. Clothing Main soon United States 12
R174311. Clothing Main soon France 12
R174312. Clothing Main soon Turkey 12
R174313. Clothing Main soon Singapore 12
R174314. Clothing Parents soon Germany 12
R174315. Clothing Parents soon United Kingdom 12
R174316. Clothing Parents soon United States 12
R174317. Clothing Parents soon France 12
R174318. Clothing Parents soon Turkey 12
R174319. Clothing Parents soon Singapore 12
R174320. Clothing Main soon Chile 12
R174321. Clothing Main soon Chile 12
R174333. ITDMs soon Germany 12
R174334. ITDMs soon Brazil 12
R174338. Groceries soon United States 10
R174340. Manager+ soon India 12
R174343. IT soon Brazil 20
R174344. IT soon China 20
R174345. IT soon France 20
R174346. IT soon Germany 20
R174347. IT soon India 20
R174351. IT soon United States 20
R174352. Gen Pop soon Brazil 12
R174355. ITDMs soon Canada 20
R174357. ITDMs soon United Kingdom 20
R174358. ITDMs soon United States 20
R174359. ITDMs soon Saudi Arabia 20
R174361. BDMs soon Mexico 20
R174362. BDMs soon France 20
R174363. BDMs soon Italy 20
R174364. BDMs soon Germany 20
R174365. BDMs soon United Kingdom 20
R174367. BDMs soon India 20
R174368. BDMs soon Japan 20
R174377. Teachers soon United States 12
R174378. Teachers soon United States 12
R174382. US Tracker W2 soon United States 15
R174384. SBO soon United States 10
R174385. SBO No Zip soon United States 10
R174386. Mothers EN soon Canada 20
R174387. Mothers FR soon Canada 20
R174388. Movies soon Brazil 12
R174389. GenPar soon Brazil 12
R174390. GenPar soon France 12
R174391. Kids soon France 12
R174392. GenPar soon Germany 12
R174398. GenPar soon Russian Fed 12
R174399. Kids soon Russian Fed 12
R174400. GenPar soon Spain 12
R174401. Kids soon Spain 12
R174402. GenPar soon United Kingdom 12
R174403. Kids soon United Kingdom 12
R174411. ITDMs soon United Arab Emir 20
R174413. GenPop soon United States 12
R174414. ITDMs soon Germany 12
R174418. Video Games W1 soon United Kingdom 10
R174423. Employed soon Singapore 20
R174431. Grocery Shoppers soon United States 15
R174447. Senior Managers+ soon United States 12
R174452. Senior Managers+ soon Singapore 12
R174453. Senior Managers+ soon Chile 12
R174454. Senior Managers+ soon Colombia 12
R174455. Senior Managers+ soon Indonesia 12
R174456. Senior Managers+ soon Malaysia 12
R174460. Senior Managers+ soon Saudi Arabia 12
R174462. Senior Managers+ soon Australia 12
R174464. Transportation/Shippi soon United States 15
R174466. GenPop soon United States 12
R174468. Students soon Brazil 12
R174469. Students soon Canada 12
R174471. Students soon India 12
R174472. Students soon Italy 12
R174473. Students soon South Africa 12
R174474. Senior Managers+ soon United States 12
R174476. Senior Managers+ soon France 12
R174477. Senior Managers+ soon Sweden 12
R174490. Tech soon United States 20
R174494. Policy Informed soon United Kingdom 20
R174496. Policy Informed soon Germany 20
R174500. PC Intenders soon United States 12
R174502. Consumers soon China 12
R174503. Messenger Users soon Australia 12
R174504. Messenger Users soon Australia 12
R174505. Messenger Users soon France 12
R174506. Instigators soon France 12
R174507. Messenger Users soon United Kingdom 12
R174508. Instigators soon United Kingdom 12
R174509. GenPop soon United States 12
R174510. Financial Managers+ soon United States 12
R174511. ITDMs soon United States 12
R174512. Professionals soon India 20
R174513. Professionals soon United Kingdom 20
R174518. Professionals soon Brazil 20
R174519. Financial Managers+ soon Singapore 12
R174522. Music Instrument soon United States 10
R174524. Homeowners soon China 15
R174525. Verizon Prospects soon United States 16
R174534. Car Owners soon Germany 20
R174535. DC Elites soon United States 16
R174536. NYC Elites soon United States 16
R174537. C-suite soon United States 18
R174540. Tech Elites soon China 18
R174541. Policy Elites soon China 18
R174542. C-suite soon China 18
R174543. BDMs soon United Kingdom 15
R174545. Video Games W4 soon United Kingdom 10
R174547. B2B Study soon Canada 12
R174551. Parents soon Germany 12
R174555. Parents soon India 12
R174556. Parents soon India 12
R174558. Parents soon India 12
R174559. Theater soon United States 12
R174562. Males soon United States 12
R174563. Shoppers soon Italy 15
R174564. ITDMs soon Australia 12
R174565. Teens W4 soon United States 15
R174567. OL soon Mexico 12
R174570. Males soon United States 12
R174571. B2B Study soon Canada 12
R174574. Entertainment soon Italy 10
R174575. Entertainment soon Mexico 10
R174576. Entertainment soon United Kingdom 10
R174577. Financial Managers+ soon United Arab Emir 15
R174578. Financial Managers+ soon Australia 15
R174581. Financial Managers+ soon China 15
R174582. Financial Managers+ soon India 15
R174588. Employed Mngr+ soon United Kingdom 20
R174589. Employed Mngr+ soon Mexico 20
R174590. Employed Mngr+ soon Canada 20
R174591. Employed Mngr+ soon Japan 20
R174595. Elites DC soon United States 16
R174596. VP+ soon Australia 12
R174605. Construction Pros soon United Kingdom 12
R174609. VP+ soon Australia 12
R174610. Home Owners soon United States 12
R174612. Engaged Youth soon United States 18
R174615. Parents soon Germany 12
R174616. Parents soon France 12
R174617. Parents soon Italy 12
R174618. Parents soon Spain 12
R174619. Parents soon Mexico 12
R174620. Parents soon Brazil 12
R174621. Kids soon Germany 12
R174622. Kids soon France 12
R174623. Kids soon Italy 12
R174624. Kids soon Spain 12
R174625. Kids soon Mexico 12
R174626. Kids soon Brazil 12
R174627. BDMs soon United States 18
R174632. Denver soon United States 18


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