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          From your own home or office?
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Are you a brilliant Spiderian?
We believe that if we surround ourselves with great people, then our company has no choice but to be great, too. If you love using your specialist skills and enjoy working with people who are incredibly passionate about what they do, it's likely you would enjoy working with us.

We do not have a centralised office, you will be working from your own space (and usually) at your own times! We are always happy to receive applications from potential 'Spiderians'. Even if we don't have something today, we might have something soon!
Positions currently open :
Business Development Manager with Experience
  Looking for an ambitious achiever who is based in either Europe
or USA to help us Plan and Develop our Business.

Experience with B2B sales is vital and expertise / knowledge of the Market Research Industry will be an advantage. Travelling and participation in Conferences and Exhibitions is part of the role.

You will be working from your own base so a fully functional home / office is expected. Hours flexible.
Base Salary, Commissions and Achievement Bonuses are on offer.
Customer Service (Assistant) with Attention to Detail, working from home.
  Here we need a person who is at ease with using complex programs and can manage their time efficiently. Sociable, polite and with great humour to join the existing Team and help us manage projects currently on the go for all spiders.

This is a relatively junior position - no need for years of experience. You will be working from your own base so a fully functional home / office is expected with good internet speed for about 6-8 hours per day. Some flexibility exists with working hours.

Required : Good Computer skills and fluent English.
Please note for all positions :
Send your CV and a brief Expression of Interest to careers@spidermetrix.com
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